a 'locus amoenus' by Pablo
Not a licensed Architect

[ All images right justified are ©MMXIV Pablo Anwar Photography All rights reserved ]
I want to believe
!!! (at Cancun Centro)

Kiss on Frosted Glass by James Elliot, 1984.

Leeeezard x-ing
Heard terrifying sounds coming out of there! Hoping it was a monkey fight, and not Mayan zombies.
Rounded edge
So many sunbathers  (at Chichen Itza)
Jordan says the solstice sun makes shadow bodies for the stone snake heads!
itza right there (at Chichen Itza)
Almost mist it (at Chichen Itza)
Good night! (at Piste, Tinum, Yucatan)
It’s real big (at Cenote Sagrado Ik-kil)
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